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Crap! Police throw out ring passed by alleged thief

Story Published: 6 Dec 2013

Queensland police have been forced to admit they have “lost” one of the two rings stolen from a Brisbane jewellery...

Accused diamond thief a tough act to swallow

Story Published: 3 Dec 2013

AN accused jewel thief went to extraordinary lengths to conceal his loot after he was cornered by Good Samaritans in a...

Skillful crow caught on video stealing eggs

Story Published: 11 Oct 2013

AN ALLORA chook yard owner has captured video of an unlikely thief taking freshly laid eggs.

Slithering ssstupidity

Story Published: 23 Jan 2012

A CLUMSY crook who made off with a snake from a reptile park didn't slither far after a forensic investigator found he left...

Bandit fought off with pies, broom

Story Published: 27 Feb 2012

A KNIFE-WIELDING thief in a devil mask was driven away with a barrage of pies and a broom after he tried to rob a takeaway...

Stalked for two days

Story Published: 28 Feb 2012

IT was the thought of being watched for two days by a brazen thief that left Veronica Bean more shaken than his thefts

Sneaky thief swipes purse while on hands and knees

Story Published: 15 Nov 2013

SNEAKING along on her hands and knees to swipe a purse from another patron's handbag in the pokies room may have seemed...

When prices drop, thieves shop

Story Published: 28 Dec 2011

THEY didn't stoop to the frenzy seen at DJ's and Myer in Sydney but Coffs Coast shoppers made a beeline for shopping...

Armed robber tries to swim across canal to escape police

Story Published: 16 Sep 2013

A MAN who led police on a wild-goose chase that ended after a desperate swim for freedom across a canal at Lake Kawana has...

Thief bogged in dam

Story Published: 14 Sep 2011

IN what appears to be a case of bad luck for an accused thief, a four-wheel drive reportedly carrying stolen goods was...

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