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Beef burger created in university laboratory

Video Published: 6 Aug 2013

The cultured beef burger was cooked in front of an invited audience.

Research may shed light on mystery of near death experiences

Story Published: 14 Aug 2013

STORIES of out of body experiences and seeing lights at the end of a tunnel have been told by people brought back from the...

Breakthrough in human cloning offers hope for transplants

Story Published: 17 May 2013

SCIENTISTS have made a breakthrough in human cloning by turning skin cells into embryos that were then used to create...

Scientists frustrated about the Great Barrier Reef

Story Published: 24 Mar 2014

A TOP Queensland water quality scientist has questioned the ability of the Great Barrier Reef strategic assessment to...

An open letter to closed science

Story Published: 26 Sep 2012

SCIENCE (real science, not the summaries in popular books and the media) is needlessly closed to the outside world. This...

In a galaxy far, far away... enough water to support life

Story Published: 11 Oct 2013

THE remnants of a lost water world of rocks and oceans have been discovered, offering the basic ingredients for a habitable...

More than 150 temperature records broken through summer

Story Published: 10 Mar 2014

HEATWAVES, drought and hot days dominated Australia’s last summer; with the Climate Council reporting more than 150...

Study shows dogs poo in alignment with magnetic field

Story Published: 3 Jan 2014

SCIENTISTS in Europe have spent two years studying the toileting habits of dogs, finding they defecate and urinate in...

Repellents that really make mozzies buzz off

Story Published: 13 Jan 2014

THOSE looking to beat the mosquitoes this summer should reach for Deet-based insect repellents, new testing shows.

Eve, the cloned calf, shows future for beef industry

Story Published: 15 Feb 2013

THE first calf has been born from a ‘handmade cloning’ process outside of Rockhampton during the floods.

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