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Banksy releases disturbing footage

Video Published: 7 Oct 2013

Video: Banksy NY | YouTube

Seven silly jokes to make you smile today

Story Published: 4 Feb 2014

I WAS dating an astronaut but she broke up with me. Apparently she needed more space...

The cute, funny and clever things kids say: Part 1

Story Published: 5 Feb 2014

THE cutest things are usually said by the smallest people, and our social networkers have shared their precious moments of...

Why funny men make great one night stands

Story Published: 5 May 2013

WHEN I read of a study that says women find men who can make them laugh more attractive - but only in the context of one...

So, just 462 more games to go before the cricket is over

Story Published: 28 Nov 2013

LIKE most Australians I live for summer. Trips to the beach, barbecues, sweating at 6am – I just love everything about...

It's the moment your pants fall down you just have to laugh

Story Published: 13 Mar 2014

OPINION: On a daily basis I am always tripping over, walking into walls, kicking my toes on inanimate...

UFOs boost poll chances

Story Published: 2 Jul 2012

US PRESIDENT Brack Oblama's re-election chances have been boosted by a poll in which Americans back his ability to repel an...

The cute, funny and clever things kids say: Part 2

Story Published: 14 Feb 2014

ONCE again our readers have delighted us with the cute things children they know have said.

The cute, funny and clever things kids say: Part 4

Story Published: 11 Mar 2014

HAS a child you know said something cute, funny or unusual that's put a smile on your face?

Patrick speaks out: Rumours of my death exaggerated

Story Published: 8 Aug 2013

DON'T worry, I’m still here. The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

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