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"very true racing is only for a small number in the community ,the festival needs to expand not get..."

Commented on a story 10:36am Jan 25th

"This will be the case with most open cut mines a price that the community will pay to keep Australia..."

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"It will be very interesting to see what happens to the dredging of the river with native title covering..."

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"All I can say brilliant thought thank you "

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"CSG drilling should be treated like the introduction of new medication ,test for years if there are..."

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"What about the quality of life for the environment and residents with CSG and over development in the..."

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"What will yambaman say when they want to build a shipping port at his front door to support gas exports..."

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"Like I said a week ago where is our council and its wonderful mayor if he wants to abdicate then let..."

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"All this clap trap with people trying to score points off each other must stop in the interest of the..."

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"Dawagon you are absolutely right these companies need to invest in renewable energy projects ..."

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