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"Because having $1000+ worth of stuff stolen each day is much preferred. By no means a perfect..."

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"However Dailan Pugh is vocal in opposition to volunteer hunters helping to balance ecosystems in..."

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"(Repost: Keeps saying not logged in) 12 Step: Step 1) Accept Jebus as your lord and saviour, join..."

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"Using a unsecured public network to access private websites with secret credentials? Did no one..."

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"Very few people realise this: You can live life when you're young and your body still..."

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"Garbage "journalism" isn't it. No sense made, lots of wild speculation that ignores at least half the..."

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"What housing affordability crisis/bubble? I thought the paper only did realestate puff pieces."

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""left me shaking" = adrenaline after-effects from fight response. It is hardly surprising that a..."

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"You mean "fight"? Nothing too wrong with "believing" something. Just when "your" "belief" is a..."

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"Taxo names aside, "hemp" refers solely to Cannabis varieties selectively breed purely for industrial..."

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