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"REX is very expensive and I don't use it unless someone else pays for it. If I am traveling with my..."

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"There are probably two key points to this...1) Were the police mates of the attacker..and 2) did you..."

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"my suggestion to Council would be they should never have put footpaths in in the first place that way..."

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"I don't know where you get your numbers from by maybe revise down the 13million as less that that have..."

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"I agree in part. The registration fees for a dog or cat that hasn't been de-sexed should be much..."

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"He just had to involve something that had nothing to do with the issue"

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"I agree it appears that it might be easier for ICAC to work out who hasn't been corrupt and publish a..."

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"each government claims work done by the previous government...essentially the government that finishes..."

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"It wouldn't be Monday without the first "look how great the housing market is!!!" article from Dex..I..."

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"Clearly they can be seen preparing to lift the last barrier (Manual labor is obviously very hard for..."

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