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"Oh yeah, sure; "then golden Sun-set-strip" of Kalkie/Ashfield/Mal Forman growth corridor...."

Commented on a story 10:10pm Apr 18th

"Yeah as many other existing shops and car sales yard's changing hands or stay empty....!!"

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"Why should it go ahead when you are on welfare handouts...??? "

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"Exactly that what it is;....and contractors out of town with qualification which come from Hervey Bay..."

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"Wondering what you will buy at masters...???"

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"Thy buzz around Swamp Park, regardless of the 4 season per year.....!! Nothing will change that fact..."

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"We are living in the dark ages..!! There are people around with high chairs racing around to see the..."

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"I just wonder who sets the clock for them to come in the morning...???? Must be a big truck parking..."

AFTER the moon turned red during a lunar eclipse on Tuesday night, there is even more joy in store for skywatchers

Lights in the sky

17 Apr 2014

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"1000 points for that...bleckfella...!!! We wouldn't have an 8 billion dollar deficit over our..."

ON ANZAC Day residents can gather at services throughout the region and remember and recognise those who have served and continue to serve our country.

Honour the Anzacs

17 Apr 2014

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