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Commented on a story 7:16pm Apr 21st

"she should have been made to pay his costs as well I hope he pursues her for the lot she should paid..."

Commented on a story 5:26pm Apr 17th

"At least they got the Job done unlike the Labor waste and Rudd is a millionaire so is Shorten Gillard..."

Commented on a story 2:10pm Apr 17th

"You are right like Gillard Swan and Krudd they need to be paying us back for their sheer waste and..."

Commented on a story 1:43pm Apr 17th

"Truth hurts you labor minions hey and there was no matter of corruption there as there was no gain to..."

Commented on a story 7:39am Apr 17th

"Lets wait till the royal commission is finished into the union movement and NSW Labor O'Farrell did the..."

Commented on a story 6:17pm Apr 16th

"The answer to that is no just another Labor ploy most likely to Get some free points for Justine Elliot..."

Commented on a story 4:13pm Apr 16th

"This council is a disgrace but that's what you get when you have the Labor party involved along with..."

Commented on a story 12:55pm Apr 16th

"What a Load of BS there was never any CSG in the tweed Valley this is Just another stunt from the anti..."

Commented on a story 9:59am Apr 14th

"That would be Milne she is against anything that looks like fun<< Regards Markd"

Commented on a story 8:56pm Apr 2nd

"What a Joke the Daylight savings is a QLD problem not the tweed what is this clown going to do run the..."

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